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Cortese vineyards, which respect the neighbouring wooded areas

360° Gavi


Gavi, the great white wine from Piedmont

The extreme southern edge of Piedmont is a physical and geological frontier where the great plain and mountains, alluvial soils and outcrops from remote eras meet.
Geologically, the Gavi territory is divided into three belts, which influence the characteristics of the wine and the landscape.

The red soils, originating from the stretching of gravels mixed with clay from ancient alluvial deposits, a central band that sees an alternation of marls and sandstones, and the southern part composed of white clayey marls, of marine origin.

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North of Gavi

in Tassarolo

The red soils of the Gavi DOCG area originate from the stretching of gravels mixed with clay from ancient alluvial deposits. They are located north of Gavi, towards Tassarolo and Novi Ligure. Here, where the hills are gentler, the vineyards alternate with oak and chestnut forests.

Our vineyards in Tassarolo range in age from 18 to 55 years and are located on particularly vocated slopes, at an altitude of about 300 meters above sea level. This terroir gives the wines structure and minerality.

Tassarolo is also home to our oldest and most scenic vineyard, as it is overlooked by the monumental Green Oak (Rovere Verde) of Tassarolo, a rare specimen of Turkey Oak, listed in the National Register of Monumental Trees. This evergreen tree, which is more than 400 years old, is protected by a forest. Our Rovere Verde watches over our vineyards, from the top of a hill. The view from there stretches to the far-away Alps.

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Gavi and Monterotondo

The white soil of Monterotondo

The vineyards in the Monterotondo di Gavi subzone belong to the “Marne Serravalliane,” which outcrops in an almost continuous belt from the Langhe to Val Borbera.
The limestone and tuffaceous patches at an altitude of about 350 meters above sea level give the wines a stronger minerality and a special finesse.

Our vineyards, with the striking background of the Forte di Gavi, have moderately deep limestone soil with frank textures and good internal drainage. The sea breeze from the Ligurian Sea, only 45 km away, flows in  through the vineyards, giving the wines a hint of savoury that is well balanced by the floral aromas.

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Land safeguarding

An area where the forest holds its importance

Vineyards are our heritage, the real wealth of La Mesma. 25 hectares planted under cortese grape, 15 of which are in Monterotondo di Gavi and 10 in the municipalities of Tassarolo and Novi Ligure.
Gavi’s hilly landscape is rich in woods, mainly oak and chestnut.
The 60 hectares of proprietary forest surrounding our vineyards help maintain a favourable microclimate and ensure a very rich biodiversity.

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