La Mesma Spumante
Demi Sec Traditional Method

A perfect balance between cortese’s typical freshness and its residual sugar’s smoothness, our Metodo Classico Demi Sec is a very versatile Traditional Method sparkling wine, millesimé.
Drink it as an aperitif, even on the rocks, or indulge in gorgonzola on warm toast topped with honey. Its classic pairing with a Panettone dessert won’t disappoint you!
All steps of production are carried out in our wine cellar.

Wine classification: VSQ Vino Spumante di Qualità

Variety: 100% Cortese, raised by Guyot.

Vinification: grapes picked by hand , immediately pressed by soft press. Tirage the following spring of the vintage year. Manual riddling.

Dosage: Demi Sec

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