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P.IVA / C.F. 02042960068

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About Us

Three sisters and their mom's Cortese request

360° Gavi

2001 - monterotondo, gavi

It all came about thanks to our Mom’s dream: a vineyard of our own in Monterotondo

Gavi, that’s all we do.
Twenty-five hectares under cortese vines, fifteen of which are in Monterotondo, in the heart of the Gavi Appellation of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin, as well as ten in the municipality of Tassarolo.

We are three sisters – Paola, Francesca and Anna – and we started in 2001, almost for fun, won over by the insistence of our mother, who thought it was silly to have a beautiful house in Monterotondo – a prestigious cru for the Gavi region – and not even a little vineyard.

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Three different educational backgrounds, three different mind sets

Paola, an art historian; Francesca, a biologist; and Anna, a lawyer: diversity pays off

Together we took on the challenge set by our mother: three sisters, Paola, Francesca and Anna, with three different educations and three different mindsets, working together. A cultural and human melting pot that is also expressed in the wines born at La Mesma.

Thus, the first five hectares were soon joined by ten more. These wonderful vineyards vary in age from zero to fifty years, and they are planted on medium-textured, mostly limestone soil where the sea wind merrily blows by.

The step from vineyard to winery was a short one; after only two years, in 2004, we acquired La Bella Alleanza, a beautiful estate in Tassarolo, which brought with it an operating winery and ten more hectares of vineyards.

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Room for biodiversity

Of the hundred hectares on the estate, only 25 are under vines; the rest is forest. In Gavi we treasure our landscape

Our passion grew with the land, together with a desire to do and to research: we left our respective city jobs, and began a new life.

Since then we have been immersed in the vineyard and the winery with great passion and enthusiasm, constantly experimenting with new practices and new technologies that allow us to reduce our impact on the ecosystem.

For the same reason, we have chosen to be cortese to the landscape around us, with 75 percent of our land as forested area, to preserve biodiversity and  a microclimate that keeps the quality of the air healthy, for us and for our vineyards.

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An extended family

Not just three sisters, but a close-knit team that, at certain times of the year, becomes a real family

Davide Ferrarese, our agronomist, a leading figure for the entire Gavi area.
Massimo Azzolini, the oenologist whom, from day one, believed in our project and worked with us to make it a reality.
Ivano Rossi, the cellar manager who has married our philosophy and combines it with his unparalleled experience every day
Rosanna Giangrandi, who takes care of the administration side and so much more.
Enrico, Monica, Mario, Giovanni, Garofita and Mihai who tend to our vineyards with dedication and precision.
And finally, Nicolò Garrone, Francesca’s son, who has enthusiastically chosen to work at La Mesma: in with the new!